Everything was dust once

Once we start to develop your marketing strategies, you will see the universe with full of stars.


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Brand Awareness

About us & beyond the stars vision

Our vision is to provide the “best” tailored solution that is going to be your soulmate. We are looking for the perfect match in marketing.


TOME the Explorer

Just like space agencies and astronauts explore other planets and galaxies, let us first explore you, your brand and exact needs.


Sky is the limit

Our vision is to provide the state-of-art solutions for your marketing needs with cutting-edges technologies and human creativity flavour.


Beyond the stars

We always aim beyond the stars. Just like universe, after the stars, there are galaxies, and after the galaxies, there is an endless universe just like our marketing capabilities. But we are not sure about the first one’s possibility.


First, let’s know each other

For knowing each other, understanding the requirements better and providing you the “best”, we need to know each other at first. A coffee date maybe?

Added Values


Adder’s tongue, dead sea salt, dandelion leaf, and just a little bit… Creativity! The magic potion is ready.

Tell Picasso

Be sure that our design team makes the best for you. While directing them, please be kind and don’t limit their creativity. Could you have tell Picasso to draw a bit more “straight”?

Light stuff
don’t float

Less is indeed more. Let us do it simple, keep it simple, but reach the sky and beyond. Apple could not be the leader if they would not do in this way.

Sustainability is not a “cool term” to use

Sustainability is not a “cool term” to be used to pass the level in the game. It has to be ensured for a commitment to future. If we are aiming the sky, first we should respect the earth.

What on earth?

While developing marketing strategies and campaigns for you, we don’t just focus on the “internal” factors. To know the environment better, we prepare a detailed market research and analysis.

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The galaxy is full of hundreds of thousands of marketing possibilities, but we explore the most “habitable” one for you.

There is a very thin gap between the tightly formulated marketing plans and the ones drifting in the vacuum of space. There we are in this middle-earth!

  • Well-defined targets
  • Measurable KPIs
  • Working like your in-house team

We do not press all the keys to pass the level, we work with the necessary tools and channels for you.

Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, Machine Learning or robots… They have already occupied the world, but will not replace human-beings as long as we have creative minds with our elastic shortcuts.

Too Good to be True

“Ideal” defines the satisfying one’s conception of what is the most suitable perfection, while also means the existing only in the imagination. By developing our strategies we are creating plans that will be “ideal” for your company’s goals but tangible and definitely real ones. Don’t be surprise if they will seem too “ideal”. Trust us, together we will make them happen.

Not the “Currency”, but the “Accuracy”

Our primary goal is to provide the best solutions for you through the best channels, with the best methodologies and strategies by also using the best tools. While doing that, unlike many others, we don’t care about the currency, but aim the accuracy. Just like J. Collins said, “Good is the enemy of great” and we never stop until we find the “best”.


Every brand, product, company, country, continent, planet, galaxy and universe has its own nature. By keeping it in mind, you can see some of the other projects that we successfully completed.

Rumor Has It…

Ljudmila Maic
They definitely know what they are doing!

Their “beyond the stars” motto is quite real. They definitely know what they are doing and provide you the best fit. Highly appreciated.

Robert Ulrich
Supportive and dynamic team

I worked with TOME for a short-term in one of our projects. I can definitely say that the team is so supportive and dynamic. They answer our needs so fast and understood what we want immediately. Hope to work with them for other projects in the future.

Ágnes Molnár
Met with our expectations

We had some strict KPIs that we defined for our project. Many companies rejected us because of the KPIs agressiveness. However, TOME accepted our goals and succesfully met with our expectations.

Khayri Mus’ab Naifeh
Strongly recommended

We could find a chance to work for a short term as freelance team. The reason that we did not choose any freelancer from a different platform was because of the discipline concerns. At the end of the day, we made the right decision. If you want a disciplined, highly qualified team with affordable prices, I strongly recommend them.

Learn about our creative ideas, draft marketing plans and goal definitions for you.

Jupiter has 63 moons but we have at least 63 good news for you!


Hassan Rihab Awad
Kayleigh Murphy
Tatyana Kulikova
Nada A’ishah Atiyeh

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